Minute to Win It Johannesburg

Minute to Win It Team Building Johannesburg

Minute to Win It JohannesburgMinute to Win It at Montecasino is one of the most popular team building events around Sandton in Johannesburg. Teams cheer at their mates trying to complete simple tasks in one minute.  Our Minute to Win It Show include many new games that has never been seen on TV, and has a hilarious twist.

Team Building Montecasino Minute to Win It

09h00 - Coffee and Pastries at Fego Caffé

Ice Breakers, Group Activities, and Dividing Teams
The entire group do fun activities, at some time the mix of buddies and friends will be split apart. Then everybody get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. About ten people per team works great for a team building event.

Montecasino Amazing Race (max ±750m)
Our Amazing Race has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages. Each of our venues have their own unique Amazing Race. Teams start with a short detour, then they have to find interesting places and WhatsApp a group photo, find puzzles of actual places, and finally they finish by finding an iconic venue. These photos are shown in a slide slow during lunch. Our Amazing Race is hilarious and requires lots of imagination and creativity.

11h00 - Debonair's Pizza or ANANT (Halaal), and Soft Drinks at the Food Court

11h30 Minute to Win It at Mythos (Top Floor)
Based on the popular TV series, teams have to beat the clock with activities that include as balloons, ping pong balls, cards, cookies, spaghetti, bolts and nuts, and many more. To keep the cost low, this show does not include a TV with a clock ticking.

±12h00 Escape Room Games at Mythos (Top Floor)
Teams have 60 minutes to find the most dollars and bribe the guards. Our Escape Room have five chapters and include a world map with a treasure hunt where they must find the hidden dollars, a map with castles, Sun Compass, and QR Codes that leads to a Scavenger Hunt, and counting the Egyptian Pyramids for more dollars. Finally teams can earn bonus dollars by singing a song to distract the guards. Our Escape Room is an Indiana Jones movie twisted with British humour, and very easy.

13h00 Greek Meze Table Buffet and Soft Drinks at Mythos
A Mezze Table Buffet consist of many dishes that are passed around the table (share). The Meze usually include Rump Strips, Beef Yiro (wrapps), Chicken Yiro, Haloumi Yiro, Haloumi Salad, Souvlaki (finger chicken kebabs), Pita, Hummus, Tzatziki, Keftedes (meatballs), Papoutsakia (stuffed eggplant), Chicken Wings, Greek Salad, and Chips. The tip is included.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Meals – dish from the Meze Platters. Alternatively you order from the Mythos Menu. 
  • Halal Meals - ordered 11h00 from ANANT, Mythos Seafood Menu, O'Galito, or bring own. Our Halaal delegates also eat at Mythos
  • Kosher Meals - we regret, there are no Kosher Restaurants at Montecasino and you may bring your own Kosher Meals. Alternative you may order from ANANT or any Seafood Restaurant. Three such meals are included in this quotation. Eat at Mythos.

Bar Tab Optional

13h30 - Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure 

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