T's & C's

Signed Agreement

The Parties hereto agree that this is a binding agreement between Ksmart Team Building and the recipient of the Team Building Invoice as per email between the two parties. The signing of this agreement will be considered complete on the date that full payment has been received, as per the invoice total.

About Ksmart Team Building

Ksmart offers all-inclusive team building packages with great food at top restaurants and fun team building activities with low physical requirements that are fit for all ages?
Our Top Venues

Our top packages include Gold Reef City, Joburg Zoo (braai menu), and Bryanston Sports Club & Most of Johannesburg, to name a few. All packages come with a fixed itinerary, inclusive of meals and refreshments, and are subject to full payment on booking, date and availability.
Ksmart Quality Assurance

Ksmart / Ksmart Team Building & K-Smart Events has the right to sell and deliver our packages using the name "Ksmart," and they are obligated to abide by our ethos, values, quality standards, activities, meals and refreshments, and service guidelines.
Changes on Invoices

Ksmart has favourable negotiated rates with suppliers and sells “Team Building Packages.” The times and activities listed on the itinerary may vary and agreed upon via email, but the time and activities invoice and rates will remain unchanged. Any modifications to the itinerary may result in additional charges.

Bar Tab

Additional beverages and refreshments may be added at as per selling price from the venues (i.e., bar tab). Ksmart does not profit from bar tabs and accepts no responsibility for incidents related to behaviour induced by alcohol and drunk driving.

Full Payment on Confirmation

Ksmart requires full payment prior to the event to secure the "date, venue, facilitators, restaurants, food and beverages, tips, parking, public liability, team building activities, and management fees".

Rain and Bad Weather

Team building events may be postponed 72 hours prior to the event due to weather forecasts, and additional charges may only be imposed if our suppliers and vendors have already made payments Digital Signature

This agreement has been digitally signed via email between Ksmart Team Building and the Account Owner who paid the Invoice Total on the date when full payment has been received. for goods and services. For cancelled postponed events, a 75% refund will be provided, minus any incurred costs.

Gold Reef City Thill Ride Bracelets

Bracelets are prepaid on bookings and cannot be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.

Ksmart Refunds Ksmart cannot be held responsible for refunds or expenses incurred due to rescheduling the event, unless there is a written agreement on a letterhead.

Refunds by Ksmart and it’s Suppliers Refunds, regardless of the reason, should be negotiated with the Ksmart, as Ksmart is a subscription-based platform that promotes pre-vetted team-building packages to the subscribers who are independent business owners. If the venue or date is not available, a full refund will be provided after payment has been made.

If less or more people arrived Bookings will close one week (7 week days) prior to the event, and no refunds will be provided for a reduced number of attendees. If additional people arrive on the day of the event, an administrative fee of R50 per person may be imposed to invoice for the extra attendees.

POPI Please be advised that Ksmart adheres to the POPI act and all information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any external third parties, individuals, organisations, or institutions.

Late or Non Payment Late or Non-payment of sent invoices in addition to the event having being concluded within two/2 days will result in legal action from Ksmart upon the client.