Affordable Team Building Johannesburg

Affordable Team Building Johannesburg 

Affordable Team Building Johannesburg, our Fun Days at Gold Reef City is our most affordable team building package in Johannesburg inclusive of Thrill Rides, Refreshments, and a Buffet Lunch at Gold Reef City.

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Affordable Team Building Johannesburg

Fun Day Team Building Gold Reef City

09h00 - Arrival Coffee and Giant Muffins at Barney's

Park at the Theme Park Hotel, Gate #3. That is behind the Anaconda as you drive in"

Thrill Rides Bracelets - Access to All Rides

Popular rides include the Anaconda, Tower of Terror, Dream Boat, Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miners Revenge, UFO, High Flying Maverick, Storm Chaser, Log Ride, River Rapids, Runaway Train, Giant Wheel, Lazy Boats, 4D Theatre, Tornado - just to mention a few"

11h00 - Halaal Footlongs with Chicken Cheese Grillers, and a Bottled Water

Enjoy some more Rides and Attractions at Leisure

13h00 - Buffet Lunch and Soft Drink at Barney's

The Buffet Lunch usually consist of a typical Tsogo Sun Lunch Buffet with of Beef Stew, Chicken, Curry or and Seafood, Roast Chicken, Rice, Pasta, Sauces, Assorted Veggies, Baby Potatoes, a table with Assorted Cheese & Salads, and a Desert Table with Malva Pudding  and Custard, and Assorted Desserts. This menu is not cast and stone, and may vary from day to day. If all the bookings from all the companies that day are less than 30 people, delegates will order from a set menu with the same value.

± 3 Halaal, Vegetarian, and/or Vegan Meals included from Nearby Restaurants

Everybody dine at the same table. Halal and Vegetarian Meals are ordered on arrival from ANAT, Barcelos, Mochachos, Ocean Basket etc. We regret, no Kosher or Gluten Free Meals are available, and you may bring your own.

Depart at Leisure - the Theme Park closes at 17:00.