Amazing Race Team Building Johannesburg

Amazing Race Team Building Johannesburg 

Amazing Race Team Building Johannesburg, our Amazing Race Team Building at Montecasino and Gold Reef City is one of the popular indoor team building activities in Johannesburg. Our Amazing Race Team Building Package at Montecasino is inclusive of all team building activities, including Ten Pin Bowling, refreshments, and lunch at the Fireroom.

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Amazing Race Team Building Johannesburg

Amazing Race Team Building Montecasino

09h00 Arrival Coffee and Giant Muffins at Fego Caffe, and Dividing the Teams

Let us divide the teams without being prejudiced. The goal is to let everybody interact like never before, the buddies, clicks and friends in fun group activities. Laughter guaranteed in 30 seconds. Everybody gets a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. About ten people per team works great for a team building event. 

60 Minutes of Ice Breakers with Fun, Passion, and Energy 

Amazing Race Team Building

This Amazing Race consists of no running, has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages. Our Amazing Race is hilarious and is a race against imagination and creativity. Teams start with a short detour, then they have to solve riddles, find interesting places that do not exist, and then WhatsApp a Group Photo as proof that they have been there. Yip, they will have to use their imagination.

11h00 Refreshment Break, Bottled Water

Pokèmon Escape Room Team Building

Pokèmon is our new top seller Escape Room Team Building in Johannesburg. Due to corona protocols we are not going to lock you in a room to break out, instead this is an outdoor event, but it can be done indoors. You have 60 minutes to find all the Pokèmons. Teams can either swap their Pokies with other teams to unlock a digital vault, or they can solve the riddles to open the vault.  This is an easy game, with an adrenaline rush and loads of drama in an existing treasure hunt!

Ten Pin Bowling at Montecasino

The Tin Pin Court opens at 11h00. This is a popular indoor event and fit for all ages. The objective is to knock down all ten pins, and you will get a printed Score Card after the event. Our Ten Pin Bowling includes a bottle of water.

13h00 Set Menu at the Fireroom (±3 Halaal Meals included)

We have only included the top sellers in a set menu with dishes that are chargrilled at your table. Chargrilled meat options include Rump, Sirloin, Beef Ribs, Wagyu Burgers, and Lamb – all served with chips or salad. Poultry options include Chicken Schnitzel, Breasts and Salad, Yakitori Sticks, and Bang Bang Chicken – all served with chips or salad. Soft drinks include 340ml can of Coke, Sprite etc. This include venue hire and Tip for the waiters

± 3Halaal, Vegetarian, and/or Vegan Meals from Nearby Restaurants

Everybody dine at the same table. Halal and Vegetarian Meals are ordered on arrival from ANAT, Barcelos, Mochachos, Ocean Basket etc. We regret, no Kosher or Gluten Free Meals are available, and you may bring your own.

14h00 Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure

A cash bar is available and can be included in your quote. Allow about 2 or 3 drinks or R150 per person (incl tip)