Team Building Emperors Palace

Team Building Johannesburg
Team Building Emperors Palace

Team Building Emperors Palace

Team Building Emperors Palace has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages. Team Building Quotes are inclusive of Soft Drinks, Refreshments, Lunch, Halaal, Vegetarian, and Vegan Meals

The itinerary can be condensed or expanded to suite your program

±12h00 Designated Facilitator(s)
Our facilitators have been with us since 2009, we don’t practice "Labour Broking". This is genuinely what we pay our facilitators

±12h00 Welcome Soft Drinks and Pastries
340ml Soft Drinks or 500ml Bottled Water, Assorted Toasted Cheeses and Wrapps

±12h20 Dividing Teams
Allow about five to ten (5 to 10) people per team. The entire group would get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc.

±12h30 Amazing Race
First, teams have solve a number of riddles. Then the teams explore the venue and take selfies of Imaginary Background (i.e. Donald Trump), solve a puzzle, and finally they have to find an iconic destination

±13h30 Escape Room da Vinci Code
Each team get a R100 cash to buy goodies and build a bomb. Then they have to take a pic of a Crime Scene with Blood (Tomato Sauce), followed by taking a pics of the victim (a Pole Dancer), and of the suspect (a Cross Dresser). Finally teams first have to solve a murder mystery.

±14h30 Lunch and Soft Drinks at a Flame Grill Restaurant
Traditional Greek Feast (±300g meat pp), everybody share platters of Rump Beef, Flamed Chicken, Yiros (Wrapps), Bread Rolls, Haloumi & Avo Salad, and Assorted Salads – subject to availability. Popular restaurants include Turn & Tender, Mythos, Salsa, Butcher’s Grill, Tribes, Hard Rock Café, and even Rocomamas

Halaal Meals, Vegetarian, Vegan – included

±14h30 Video Slide Show
Watch the pics of the event on a TV. You do get copies of the photos

±15h00 Depart at Leisure

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