Friday, 7 June 2019

Team Building Centurion

Team Building Centurion

Team Building CenturionTeam Building Centurion in an Amazing Race at Rhapsody's and Tennessee Restaurants in Centurion with Minute to Win It, Escape Room, and Magic Mushrooms. This is the most popular team building event in Centurion, with easy access to the N1 highway.

Minute to Win It Team Building Centurion

Breakfast @ Rhapsody's Centurion
Traditional English Breakfast at Rhapsody's. Coffee is served, but you are welcome to order a cappuccino, tea etc.
Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities                                                 
Dividing Teams ±10pp/team.
Escape Room Treasure Hunt
We are not allowed to lock people in a room, this game is partly indoors. Teams have to "break in" and the solve code to open a digital safe. Each team get an UV Torch, and have to find clues written with Invisible Ink. Clues include riddles and puzzles, and one clue leads to another – pretty much like the Hollywood blockbuster “Da Vinci Code”

Toasted Sandwiches and Bottled Water

Magic Mushrooms
Teams compete in Top Brain Games, Mind Tricks, and Illusions. Games include balancing a coin on a cup, levitate a paper cup, card predictions, make stuff disappear, invisible string, mind reading and many more that will boggle your mind. Impress the kids tonight with these magic tricks that you have just learned. 

Minute to Win It
Private area, at the bottom bar. Based on the popular TV Series. Teams are challenged with short one minute riddles and puzzles, i.e. balancing three golf balls, or taking a 5c coin out of stocking with one hand, or building a bridge out of a deck of cards, or bouncing a ping pong ball in a glass, etc.                      
Order Lunch from the Tennessee Menu
Order anything from the menu, orders are taken at 11h00, lunch include soft drinks and starters. Starters include Giant Jalapeno Poppers, Crumbed Mushrooms, Giant Onion Rings, Corn Balls, Assorted, Pizza, and Chicken Wings. Soft Drinks include 340ml can Coke, Sprite etc, packed on tables.
·        Vegetarian and Vegan - eat from the Mezze Platters, or order from the Tennessee Restaurant. Three Vegetarian meals from the menu is included in this quotation                                                  
·        Halal Meals - we regret, there are no halaal restaurants in this shopping centre, you may order seafood from the Fishmonger, or you may bring your own. Three meals from the Fishmonger is included in this quotation.                                                             
·        Kosher Meals - we regret, no Kosher delivery are available for this area
Bar Tab Optional
Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure           

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