Team Building Upington

Team Building Upington

Team Building Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa, Upington is a town in the Northern Cape on the banks of the Orange River close to the Namibia Border near Ariamsvlei

Team Building Upington
Orange River at Upington

Team Building Upington, Upington boasts a oasis and fertile land with the Orange River valley running through it. The valleys provides a green ribbon through the harsh landscapes from water of the distant Lesotho highlands

Team Building in Northern Cape, the Northern Cape has historical legacy of the Kalahari Bushmans and with a meander of open, dry and hot landscapes. Popular tourist attractions are the Namaqualand Daisy’s, Kalahari, the Kimberley Big Hole, Richtersveld, Augrabies Falls National Park, Goegap Nature Reserve, Spitskop Nature Reserve and the Hantam National Botanical Garden

Upington is the main city in the Northern Region of South Africa with a dry and hot area that is characterised by desolate deserts and harsh landscapes

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