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Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages. Team Building quotes are inclusive of parking, entrance, Arrival Coffee and Pastries, 11h00 Refreshments, Lunch, Halaal Meals, Vegetarian Meals, Vegan Meals, and Team Building Activities. Watch your Video Slide Show after the event


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08h45 Coffee and Pastries at the Anglo Ashanti Lapa
Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities. Ice Breakers include “People to People”, “38”, “Ching Cho Cha”, etc.
Dividing Teams -  the entire group would stand in a circle and everybody would get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team
Escape Room -  teams have to solve a series of Riddles & Raffles, including solving a murder with invisible ink and UV torches, number games, letter games, balancing 9 nails on one nail, and build a Newspaper Conveyer Belt to cross a 10 meter stretch
11h00 Refreshments. Debonair’s Pizza and Soft Drinks. Vegetarian Pizza for Halaal. Vegan and halaal may bring their own refreshments
Amazing Race - Our Amazing Race consist of three legs. Teams have to take selfies of Imaginary Background (i.e. Donald Trump), solve a puzzle, and find a iconic venue at the zoo
Bottled Water (500ml) 
Funny Riddles and Raffles. Riddles include Celebs, Murder Mystery, Pharmacy, Car Parts, South Africa, Herbs, and Spices etc.
13h00 Halaal Spit Braai & Soft Drinks with Lamb, Tenderized Steak, and Chicken Fillets. Served with Freshly Baked Cheese Rolls and Assorted Salads (all meat is halaal, ask for receipt from Laudium Halaal Butchery 082 308 4339). Rolls delivered by Parkview SPAR, Soft Drinks include 2lt Coke, Sprite etc
Optional Green Screen Movie Making (±45min) - Teams act in front of a Green Screen for 12 seconds, and without knowing why. The video is then edited in the Amazing Race TV Show with backgrounds such as the Eifel Tower, Great Pyramids, Big Wall of China, Donald Trump, Bafana Bafana etc. Simply hilarious. This video is shown after lunch. You do get a copy of the video on a memory Stick
14h00 Depart at Leisure. Bring own alcoholic beverages. The zoo is closing at 17h00