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Amazing Race Pretoria Zoo

Amazing Race Pretoria Zoo - this event has low physical requirements, fun and is fit for all ages. Up to four people per team. Join us at the zoo in an Amazing Race. After each event, teams can win letters. These letters are used in the last Pit Stop to build a word. The team with the most letters in their word, is the winning team.


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Entrance and Parking safe and private parking inside the Pta Zoo at the Waterhole Conference Venue - Use the Delivery Entrance
Golf Cars - sign in, four people per car, golf car rental from 09h00 to 12h00
Amazing Race Match the Coffee Brands  (Café Fino); Nescafe, Douwe Egberts, Jacobs etc. Muffins included
Amazing Race "RACE" (Café Fino); The race starts with a Newspaper Conveyer Belt, then crossing "the river" with Magic Carpets, then tradition Sack Races….then teams fall out….then Plank Races ….and the final three teams compete in a Pop Corn Competition



Amazing Race Tuck Shop (Lions); only one person is allowed to "buy" goods at the tuck shop. Once all the ingredients are sold out, the teams must built the highest tower out of those goods.
Picnic  (Crocodiles) - Blanket, Soft Drinks and Assorted Sandwiches. Place Food Orders and Halal Meals for 13h00
Amazing Race Fishing (Crocodiles); teams have to fish for letters and other goods (used in the next event)
Amazing Race Chinese Fashion Show (Crocodiles); teams have use use their goods that they fish for in the previous event to dress one member into a Chinese Model….
Amazing Race Thinking Games (Aquarium); typical Minute-to-Win-It games, i.e. teams have to balance 9 screws on one…..
Amazing Race MasterChef Desserts (Fish & Chipper); teams have to decorate an Amazing Race Cake
Finish Line - teams won letters throughout the event. The team whom can built the longest word is the winning team
Lunch  - Spit Braai or Buffet or Spit Braai with Beef, Chicken, Pap & Gravy, 2 Salads, 2 Veggies and Dessert
Halaal Meals - ordered at 11h00 and delivered at 12h00
Watch Video - watch you edited Amazing Race Video - hilarious! TV and AV Equipment
Depart at leisure